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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  January 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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ramp out of daly city. >> it broke down this morning at the connection between john daily boulevard, in state boulevard. and crews just finished an emergency repair. gil diaz has more. >> reporter: good morning. as the chp just reopened this on-ramp, to 280 north, off john daily boulevard. a few minutes ago, but for a couple of hours, this on-ramp was shut down because caltrans was fixing it up. take a look at the video that we saw earlier this morning. heavy flooding caused the concrete to break up. a chp officer told me that when he checked out the flooding on this on-ramp, water came up to his knees. what caltrans did, they patched up the concrete with a temporary solution. putting some cold patch on it. and cold because it is cold weather. and it is a temporary solution until the weather clears up and then they will return and put something more permanent on it. but the rain coming down was creating some chaos. there weren't any accidents on this on-ramp but they just reopened it a few minutes ago.
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280 north off the john d.a. aly boulevard is okay right now. to tell us more about the rain that is coming down right now, we will turn it to elizabeth wenger for more on our weather outlook. good morning, elizabeth. >> good morning. high def doppler showing a lot of green, slight to moderate rain right now. you will find it for much of the morning commute. scattered showers all over the bay area. you can see pockets in the east bay. in the south bay and along the peninsula, if you're making your way through san mateo county and we have a wind alert in effect until 6:00 this morning. and these are the areas where you're going to really see the gusty winds. the coast and the east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains, some winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. we just checked in at sfo, they're seeing wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. kind of a treacherous start to the morning commute. extra careful on the roadways. sunday rainfall, and santa rosa getting more than two inches. and under an inch in oakland and parts of san francisco. so temperatures out the door right now, not too bad.
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mostly in the 50s outside. 53 in vallejo. and 5 a 5 -- 55 in san francisco. a wet and windy start. low pressure is the name of the game for today. check out the high. moving in. sunshine and dry weather for the end of the week and even above average temperatures. we will have a check of your seven-day forecast coming up. and in the meantime let's hit the roadways with tiana. >> you are monitoring your bridges this morning, especially since there is a wind advisory in effect. and for a couple of them. the bay bridge is one of them. as well as the san mateo bridge and dealing with slick surfaces as well. and use caution as you head out the door and reports of a wind advisory along the richmond san rafael bridge and high winds across the span. no delays as you come across southbound and northbound 101 marin county. dealing with flooding this morning. 580/680, that interchange, we're seeing some puddling through there. use caution. and some slow and go conditions as you work your way on 580 westbound past the dublin interchange. and flooding reported through
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orinda and affecting the drive on westbound 24. traffic looks pretty good though on westbound 24. no delays through the caldecott tunnel. through the golden gate bridge, dealing with slick surfaces. they are making the lane changes. so slight delays as you head northbound. that's traffic, grace? >> thank you. the san francisco 49ers fan, super sad they're not heading to the super bowl. but they managed to keep it peaceful even though the season came to an end sooner than they hoped. >> the new york giants beating the niners 20-17. the game went into overtime. that's when a 49ers fumble on this punt return, hard to watch, well, that led to the game-winning field goal in overtime. here it is. giants fans were outnumbered at the stick in a big way but they feel pretty comfortable. >> i thought we had it won for a while. but there is always next year. >> you guys going to the super bowl, how do you feel? >> i can't even speak right now. we're going to the bowl, baby. whoo! >> 49ers fans have been
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unbelievely hospitable the whole time. all the things we've heard about it, we were unsure. but it has been a great experience for us from new york. it has been great. >> glad we finished with that man instead of the guy before. i would have let the other guy have it. san francisco police say they had a typical number of problems like any game including a few arrests but actually pretty good. one incident had pepper spray hit a police officer and a fan in the stands but nobody injured there. in the meantime the niners are having a pretty tough time as you might imagine coping with this loss. >> crappy. i mean overtime in an nfc championship game. it is a lot of work. tough road to even get here. and you get here and you're so close. so it is not good. not a good feeling. >> very upset, because to me, we're definitely a super bowl team. with we made it this far. everyone wanted to win it. we wanted to go play in the
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super bowl. but we just didn't get it. >> kyle williams, with no -- >> they are a class act in a big way. the team lost to the giants in sudden death overtime. kyle williams, do we have to show this again? stripped for the second time in the game. and there is your game winner right there. it helped set up the game- winning field goal by mr. lawrence tinnes. those guy, tom coughlin and company going to another super bowl. they beat the patriots back in the '07-'08 season keeping them from having a perfect season. a little solace to us in the bay area. >> very little. >> it was tough. san francisco mayor ed lee issued a statement congratulating the 49ers on a successful season. >> he said, quote, our hometown team's amazing season will continue to inspire us into the off-season. we can't wait until kickoff next season. go niners. it is now 5:05. in other news, allegations of domestic violence led to the arrest of a female san
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francisco prosecutor. 34-year-old sanaz nikaein was booked in the county jail on saturday. and then released after she posted bail. the circumstances that led to this arrest were not immediately available. and the alleged victim was not identified. sanaz nikaein and her husband are not commenting. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi could find out today when he will go on trial on three misdemeanor charges of domestic battery. mirkarimi pleaded not guilty last week. he is due back in court today. there is another hearing scheduled for thursday. he has a busy week. that's when the judge is expected to reconsider that order that mirkarimi stay away from his wife and son until the trial is over. police in antioch meanwhile believe three to four young men are responsible for shootings over the weekend. at a not so sweet 16 birthday party. they happened saturday night. on willmont court. six people were hurt including a 21-year-old woman who was shot in the abdomen. neighbors received a flyer early saturday warning them there might be a party in the neighborhood and referring to,
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quote, some extra activity. so far. no arrests have been made. 5:06. coming up, a football legend remembered. the growing memorial for joe paterno. trouble leaving the tarmac. the increase in bird strikes here in northern california. and the 101-year-old woman evict frpped -- evicted from her home. why is she is being kicked to the curb.
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good morning. give yourself extra time as you hit the roads this morning. we're dealing with wet and windy conditions. wind advisory for the bay bridge. and the san mateo bridge. mooding also reported. i will tell you where in a few minutes. >> thanks. 5:09. penn state officials are looking at plans to commemorate the life and career of joe paterno and fans lit flowers and lit candles and said
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goodbyes to the school's former football coach. he passed away yesterday of lung cancer and former students say they will be remembered for accomplishments off and on the field. >> people will remember what a great man he was. and how much he did for this university. not just the football program. but the entire university. >> penn state's board of trustees fired paterno, days after a sex abuse allegation surfaced publicly. paterno's former assistant coach jerry sandusky is charged with 52 counts of child molestation. 5:10 now. congress woman gabrielle giffords will be in tucson today to finish a meet and greet that was interrupted by gunfire last year. the announcement came as she revealed plans to resign from congress. >> i have more work to do on my recovery. so to do what is best for arizona, i will step down this week. >> giffords is expected to
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attend the president's state of the union address tomorrow. arizona's governor will set a special election to fill out the rest of giffords term. and today, a judge in mississippi could decide the fates of for convicted killers who were all set free two weeks ago. governor haily barbour pardoned nearly 200 people before he left office this month including 14 convicted killers. the four whose pardons are before a judge today have worked as inmate trustees in barbour's governor's mansion. coming up, lightning, tornadoes, and a whole lot of damage with severe weather in the southeast this morning. unruly behavior outside a courthouse. and how one woman used media equipment as the weapon. and we've got some pretty slick conditions this morning along san francisco's embarcadero. a live look from the view of our roof cam. so how long is this rain sticking around. we will tell you, coming up. ,,,
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back at 5:14 now. let's look at the top stories on this monday. within the past hour, caltrans finished emergency repair on a freeway on-ramp in daly city. they had an early wakeup call. the ramp between john daly boulevard and interstate 280 broke down after a full weekend of rain and a lot of activity. they are leaning it up. 49ers sadly done for the season. after a crushing 20-17 loss. last night, the nfc title game
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at candlestick in overtime. it hurts. that fumble led to this field goal that ended the 49ers super bowl dream. it will be the giants and the patriots in a couple of weeks in the super bowl in indianapolis. meanwhile, mitt romney, newt gingrich are going at each other once again. florida is the state to be now. they are trying to gain a little momentum ahead of the republican presidential primary. that is set from a week from tuesday. tomorrow. and gingrich won in south carolina in a big way on saturday. tornado warnings are in effect in three states in the southeast. let's look at video of lightning flashes taken by a storm chasinger. this is out of eastern arkansas. the possible tornadoes touched down in five different counties there last night. in memphis, tennessee, winds reached up to 70 miles per hour. now, these storms are also dropping hail but no reports of any injuries. did you know about bad weather? you got stuck in seattle last night, forever and a day? >> leftover from the weekend from the snow and coming back
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to san francisco, pouring rain. >> you should have stayed in hawaii. we're glad you're here. >> i should have turned around and gone right back. >> there is an earthquake in hawaii. >> i know. >> i was reading that. i can't win. >> no. so the earthquake was after you had already left? >> yes. >> you were in the air? >> the gods were angry that i left. >> come back, come back. >> and wind gusts reported up to 40 miles an hour. at sfo. we are dealing with our own storm this morning. it looks like light to moderate rain falling across the bay area this morning. you can check out high def doppler. it is very busy. would he have rain and we have wind as i mentioned. we have a wind alert in effect for some portions of the east bay hill, the coast and the santa cruz mountains, so yes, kind of a windy wet messy start to get you out the door this morning. and the temperatures mostly in the mid-50s. and now this should be clearing out of here by this afternoon. we may even see a little bit of sunshine out there. kind of a mix of sun and clouds. and temperatures pretty seasonable. mostly mid to upper 50s by this
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afternoon. coast, bay and inland. this low pressure, it is still sticking around. at least for much of the morning. and we have seen more than two inches fall in portions of the north bay. and santa cruz mountains since sunday morning, and this is the third storm, if you've been counting since thursday. and we have that high sitting just off to the west and that will bring drier weather for the end of the week. and future cast showing us by noon today, we are drying out, the rain showers pretty much moving out towards the southeast. the low, it it is heading out of the bay area, and by this afternoon, this evening, it looks like we should be completely dry. all across the bay area. and the temperatures, climbing up to the upper 50s across most spots and 56 in san rafael. and 56 out in san francisco. and so we've got one more morning of this wet messy windy weather. and then check out tuesday. it is going to be kine of a transitional day. cooler temperatures. mostly in the mid to upper low 60s. and then temperatures even climb to above average. check out thursday, friday, and some of our inland spots, reaching the upper -- close to
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the upper 60s, and across some areas, fog could be an issue though, and especially the toule fog, because the ground is still wet. and ha is the weather. here is traffic and tiana. >> thank you, elizabeth. we're going to jump over to our bridges this morning and we're dealing with some wind advisory, give yourself extra time as you head out the door. in fact, a live look at the san mateo bridge. lots of water out there this morning. you can kinds of see those headlines coming towards the east bay here. and kind of blocked there. so heads up as you head out the door. elsewhere, the bay bridge, a wind advisory here as well. it looks like some extra busy conditions as you approach the toll plaza. lots of folks hitting the roadway for the monday morning commute. windy across the upper deck and lower deck. use caution as you head into san francisco. still 19 minutes to come away from the carquinez bridge toward the maze. we have a wind advisory in effect for the richmond san rafael bridge this morning. and no major delays but again, use both hands on the steering wheel as you cross the span and looking okay as you hit 101 off the bridge and no delays off of marin county this morning.
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we're looking at flooding as well. westbound highway 4 at somersville, a report of flooding possibly in the right lane and busy anyway for your morning commute. westbound as you work your way through there along the antioch area. not too bad once you hit the pittsburg area. we did hear of an accident in that area. right at the on-ramp there. a lot of pinouts this morning. -- spinouts this morning. be careful as you head out the door. and flooding 680 southbound approaching the 580 interchange there. a little slow westbound 580 once you pass there. northbound 101 over to the right side an accident. a vehicle may have hit the right shoulder wall. not blocking lanes. and in the south bay, so far, so good, as far as 280 goes. northbound 280 not too bad and an accident southbound 101 and they just cleared to the right shoulder. slick surfaces out there. be very careful. that's traffic. over to you. >> thank you. italian officials are expected to, today, whether to continue searching for 19 people still missing from that grounded cruise ship off the
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coast of tuscany. divers found another victim yesterday. 13 bodies have been recovered from the wreck. in a week plus. the ship has 2400 tons of fuel still on board. officials are waiting for word to start pumping that out. bird strikes are on the rise at sacramento's airport. a united airlines plane leaving the airport saturday had to return after a bird strike. now the number of incidents has been on the rise, as birds begin to migrate from harsh snowy conditions up in the north. >> this is a much milder climate. and everything. so the numbers increase greatly. >> the sacramento region is in the heart of the pacific flyway. a bird migration route to mexico. 34 bird strikes were reported at sacramento international in the past year. >> that would be scary if you're on a plane, huh? >> no kidding. >> 5:20. an iowa man who lost his wedding ring 20 years ago shocked to get it back. where it has been hiding all this time. you won't believe it. >> scared to ask. a risky rescue am southern california.
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all caught on this helmet camera. we will show you a very unique perspective of the dangerous maneuver.
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blue canyon. winter weather all right. for all of you skiers and snowboarders out here. we've got a live look at blue canyon. you can see the snowfalling down. the conditions actually not too
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bad after a dry december and january. they're back. hey, and there is a reporter. hello. how are you? having some fun in the snow out there. >> wax up the boards. looking good up there in the sierra. it is 5:23 now. emotions running very high. outside a courtroom in detroit. the families of a murdered college student, a suspected killer, clashing, and it turned into a big brawl. one of the women actually breaks the legs off a tripod, a tv tripod there. and rushes into the crowd there. nobody was seriously hurt in the melee. but they all got on tv. to be sure. the poor tripod. it is the middle of winter in michigan. and a 101-year-old woman is about to be thrown out of the house that she has had for nearly 60 years. federal housing officials foreclosed on tismanna hollist last year after her son failed to pay thousands in property taxes. there was a big uproar and holis was initially allowed to stay, until now. the feds checked the house and decided it is not safe to live
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in. and so once again, holis is facing eviction. we've also got a unique view for you here of a risky mountain rescue out of southern california. a los angeles sheriff's helicopter team had to pull a hiker to safety, from a very steep mountainside. and the prospective from a helmet camera mounted shows you rescuers as they plucked this 19-year-old woman from the edge of a 100-foot cliff. you can see she is perched right there. look how her footing is. not very far to go. the rescue fortunately was a success. no one was hurt. >> that looks like a movie. pretty cool. >> no kidding. we've got a wedding ring lost back in 1991. this was out of iowa. it suddenly turns up. >> it sure did. back on the owner's finger and here is how it happened. kelly and tom murrow were newly weds and lost the wedding band and feared it was gone forever but this week, a city worker saw kelly outside her home and
5:26 am
hey, did you lose your wedding ring. and kelly said, hey, yeah, i did. >> he asked me to describe the ring and he told me wait, i will be right back and he came back and showed me the ring and i couldn't believe it was the ring that i lost. >> the worker was installing a new stop sign in front of the murrow home when he came across a ring and said what consider v- we got here? brought it home and cleaned it up and forgot about it and the worker said he will not accept a reward and glad to see it is back on the rightful finger. >> and now he has two. >> apparently his wife says you will get another one. if he loses one, he has a spare. 5:26. remembering joe paterno on this monday. the outpouring and tribute, to penn state coaching lend. and plus, a very tough loss. but what a great game for some. how 49ers fans are handseling the giants overtime upset and why one fan was pepper sprayed at the game. the wind and the rain could make your monday morning
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is over. how fans are handling the gut- wrenching loss in overtime. bad play calling. >> 49ers road to the super bowl is over. how fans are handling the gut
5:30 am
wrenching loss in o.t. last night. >> not well. good morning, it is monday, and it is complicated. january 23. but we will get over it. i'm frank mallicoat. >> it is a tough monday. i'm grace lee. >> it is 5:29. and we begin with weather. the storm is here. so you better grab the umbrella. give yourself some extra time before you get to work. >> it is warm outside and getting a lift nasty and a lot of rain and wind and causing traffic trouble already today. lisa washington over at the bay bridge. where drivers need both hands on the weal i guess. it is a little windy out there. -- both hands on the wheel, i guess. it is a little windy out there, right? >> yes. and in addition to the wind there is on and off drizzle on the bay bridge. you can see the traffic. this is the traffic headed eastbound into the city of san francisco. and the traffic is moving along without any problems. however, because of the wind and the rain, the streets are slick. so people will need to use caution as they make their way out on this monday morning. again, that wind advisory being
5:31 am
issued by chp. so that is something to keep in mind, especially if you have those vehicles who have high profile. it could be easy for them to be subjected to the wind conditions. but again, a hard start to the monday morning. of course, the loss of the 49ers game. and then having to deal with the weather conditions out here on a monday morning. frank and grace? >> double whammy. >> monday, bad weather. 49ers loss. we should have all slept in. huh, lisa? >> yes. >> all right. 5:31. this morning, the caltrans crew had to fix a section of roadway in daly city. it is having problems because of the weekend rain that we saw. it is the on-ramp with john daly boulevard with interstate 280. and they had to get rid of the old as fault and put down a new layer. the work was finished in the last hour and traffic is now flowing normally in that area. we have all of the rain and wind. and she just got back from hawaii. a little upset. >> what is going on with the weather. >> and i can barely see on my
5:32 am
way back from the airport. >> i know. and you have to drive back along the peninsula. >> a little wind and rain. and a little mix and a little treacherous on the roadways, and a lot of ponding, and the middle lanes, if you're headed to the bay bridge toll plaza. we've got pockets of heavier rain. mostly light to moderate showers out there right now. you would will zoom on in toward the try valley and you can see the yellow, the pocket of heavier rain and moving over portions of taxahara road and highland road. be extra careful for the start of your morning commute. the rain and the wind never a good combo. we have the wind alert until about 6:00 this morning. so it should be wrapping up within the next half hour or so. it is the coast, east bay hills and santa cruz mountains, winds mostly 20 to 30 miles an hour and we catch a wind gust or two 40 miles an hour at sfo. there could possibly be flight delays later on in the morning. we will let you know if we hear of anything. in the meantime, rainfall totals, since sunday morning, the third storm system to move into the bay area since thursday.
5:33 am
so it looks like the north bay is getting some of the hardest hit areas. santa rosa seeing more than two inches there. and portions of the santa cruz mountains. same deal. under an inch in oakland and san francisco. the big question is when will we dry out? we will tell you, coming up. we will have to stay tuned. still around a little while longer. in the meantime, let's check on traffic conditions. >> some troubles on the roadways. because of this wet and windy weather this morning. and let's go live to our 580/680 camera and you can make out the cars and not too far from the area, we had reports of some flooding as well. and jumping to the maps, delays as you come out of the altamont pass, and 17 minutes, westbound 580 from the altamont pass, to 680 and that flooding report on the southbound side of 680 as you connect over to 580. that is still there and waiting on caltrans to head out to the scene. and elsewhere, delays westbound, as well. along 580. and pretty much both directions as you pass that area. and also an accident on the southbound side of 680 near sick more valley road. it is a spin outon the right shoulder. lots of reports of spinouts
5:34 am
this morning. heads out as you take the connector ramps this morning. westbound highway 4 busy as well. slow and go through antioch. eastbound reports of delays as well due to flooding and that has been reflected on the sensors and dealing with windy conditions along 880. as well as the bay bridge. and you saw in lisa's live shot some puddling in the middle lanes. use caution. we will talk about mass transit and a good choice coming up in a few minutes. over to you. >> we will be talking sports. and an oppressive season with a couple of plays. >> we got to, don't we. >> it was a heart breaking loss. we all know for the 49ers. long day yesterday. and it went down to sudden death. and this was the play right here. kyle williams. stripped right there, on a punt return. and that set up what turned out to be the game-winning field goal. it was deep in 49ers territory. kyle williams had a couple of fumbles with a couple of scoring drives for the giants and they win it. 31 yards out. tom coughlin and his crew take a 20-17 win. and the giants off to the super
5:35 am
bowl against the new england patriots. and giants fans, they were certainly outnumbered but they generally felt very welcome. >> we flew all the way out from the east coast and here for the game. >> goth am city all the way. we love you san francisco but you're going home after today. >> everybody is very nice. >> everybody is hospitable. >> we still love you 49ers. >> we got them next year. good job harbaugh. >> the toughest day for anyone yesterday, harbaugh's parents, they lost twice. >> san francisco police used pepper spray on a violent fan and the spray struck a police officer and another fan. one person had a minor injury when a car drove over his foot. and police say mostly it was a peaceful day. that is good news. bad news is, here is your super bowl matchup. eli manning, new york giants, will face off against tom badey and the new england patriots. super bowl 46.
5:36 am
the pats with a very narrow win over the baltimore ravens. it will be played february 5 in indianapolis. you got to feel for jim harbaugh's parens. >> no kidding. >> you would figure they would get one of their sons into the super bowl. but sadly, it was shut out. both ways. >> both so close. and sprain mayor in the meantime -- san francisco mayor in the meantime is issuing a statement congratulating the 49ers on a successful season. here is what he said. the hometown team's amazing season will continue to inspire us in the off-season. we can't wait until kickoff next season. go niners. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi has two more court dates this week. and in a hearing today, the date could be set for his trial on three misdemeanor charges. and mirkarimi pleaded not guilty last week. on thursday, another hearing, the judge expected to reconsider that order that mirkarimi stay away from his wife and son until the trial is over. so two more court dates this week. a female san francisco prosecutor was arrested over the weekend. on suspicion of domestic
5:37 am
violence. 34-year-old sanaz nikaein was booked in a county jail on saturday and released after she posted bail. the d.a.'s office says the state attorney general is now handling the case to avoid a potential conflict of interest. sanaz nikaein and her husband are not commenting today. trial begins today in the murder of a man and his two sons in san francisco. prosecutors say edwin ramos opened fire on tony bolonga. his 20-year-old son michael and 16-year-old son matthew while sitting in traffic in the excelsior district. and ramos is believed to be a member of the ms13 gang mistook one of the sons for a rival gang member. 5:37. later this morning, san jose police are going to be giving us more details about last week's amber alert that ended with the suspect being killed by officers. they say 42-year-old tree ley kidnapped an 11-year-old girl from her family's home on
5:38 am
friday morning. that afternoon, police traced the suspect to an apartment complex that was on pistachio drive. still holding the victim. he was killed in a shootout with police and the girl was returned to her family uninjured. this morning the police chief will hold a news conference with more details about exactly happened in that crime. six people are hurt after gunfire broke out at a sweet 16 birthday party saturday night in antioch on willmon court. and a 21-year-old woman was shot in the stomach. the other people injured are all teenagers. and the neighbor came home around 10:30 and found dozens of kids near her yard. >> we actually heard five minutes, it is going down, five minutes it is going down. we went into our house and no sooner did we go into our house and there were shots fired. >> neighbors received a flier earlier on saturday warning them that there would be a party and they referred to,
5:39 am
quote, extra activity. but no one expected it to end like that. with gunfire. so far, though, no arrests have been made. 5:38 now. former 10 state football coach joe paterno has died at the age of 35 yesterday. he had the most wins of any college coach in football. but the long-time football coach, you may recall, was fired just two months ago, amid a child sex abuse scandal. and sandra endo has reaction to paterno's past. >> penn state university students and fans remember legendary football coach joe paterno. >> people think of him more than just a coach. they think of him as a leader. and they think of him as someone who devoted his life to the community. >> paterno spent 62 seasons with the nittany lions. and 45 years as head coach. he led the team through five undefeated seasons. and to a record-setting 409 victories. >> but his legacy was tarnished by scandal late last year. he was fired in november.
5:40 am
accused of failing to do enough nine years ago. when he was told his former assistant coach jerry sandusky had sexually molested a young boy. paterno said he had never learned the graphic details of the encounter. but he reported the allegations to the athletic director. jerry sandusky has denied any wrongdoing. paterno's fans are quick to come to his defense. >> he did what he thought he should do. and aside from that, look at what he has done his whole life, at penn state. and i just think it is horrible the way everything went down. >> joe-pa, as he was affectionately called is being remembered for his focus on academics, as well as athletics. in a statement the penn state board of trustees said his commit to education was unmatched in college football. fans say his legacy as a leader at penn state will outlive the scandal that ended his career. now, there will be a public
5:41 am
memorial and also a private one, just for players, to remember the legacy and the life of joe paterno. reporting at penn state, i'm sandra endo. 5:40 now. we have a big shakeup in the smart phone world. >> we do. the changes that could spell more trouble for the maker of blackberry. plus this. >> governor romney may be running for ceo. i'm running for president. >> fired up in florida. how newt gingrich's big win this weekend has mitt romney changing his attack strategy. we will tell you more.
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5:43 am
strong winds have left two people dead in the south. tornadoes have been reported in arkansas. the storm dumped hail powerful storms with strong winds have left two people dead in the southeast. tornadoes have been reported in arkansas. check out the lightning that was going on. now, with the tornadoes, going through, there is also a lot of hail that crossed the southern states. a tornado watch was in effect for parts of seven different states. and a rock slide in
5:44 am
monterey county prompted the shut downof highway 1 in both directions. it happened south of big sur. engineers plan to inspect the area later this morning. it is expected to be unstable and hazardous. no word when the section of highway will be reopened. >> we have a problem with int state 280 here as well. all of that rain and wind. not a good monday. >> not making for a wonderful monday. >> it is kind of depressing. the 49ers lost. >> pull the covers over our head. >> bearer of good news. >> i'm used to being the perky one. a mellow mood in san francisco and still today. i think a lot of people are feeling the affects of the weather and the 49ers game and the high def doppler. rain and wind to start this morning. if you have to commute back to work, you can see what is going on. the light to moderate rain, all across the bay area and it looks like it is sticking around for most of the morning. winds are also going to be an issue. we have a wind alert. a wind advisory, for the coast.
5:45 am
east bay hills and santa cruz mountains but it is set to expire by about 6:00 this morning. but we have been seeing with the traffic, there are several wind advisories in effect. so out the door. it is going to be a little slick in spots and some puddling on the roadways. and we could see a shower or two. the clouds will roll in. and the temperatures are mostly going to be in the upper 50s across the bay area. so this is the low we're dealing with right now. bringing the wet and windy start. but you may have noticed the high. it is sitting just off to the west of us and it is going to bring drier conditions by this afternoon. and throughout the rest of the week actually. check can in with the future cast. the clouds roll in and the rain showers, they're out of here and moving to the southeast. and by 1:00 this afternoon and we should be really dry. the evening commute home. everything is pretty much gone and high pressure is now the name of the game for a while now. and the pinpoint forecast, for today. temperatures mostly, you can see the number, mostly in the upper 50s. 58 in concord and 56 out in san rafael. and so once again checking your
5:46 am
forecast. and over the next several days, this is going to be the last rainy windy day. in quite a while. it looks like the third storm system since thursday. if you're sick of the rain by now, it looks like by this afternoon, it should be out of here. tomorrow is going to be a more transitional day. temperatures on the more seasonable side and check out thursday, friday, and temperatures are going to be above average. and we can see sunshine return. >> i'm glad we are looking at the weekend already. >> and you can thank our producer for that. >> that's what we were looking for. >> you're welcome. >> there you go. >> well done. >> and let's go to the roads. probably a mess. >> it is very busy in the traffic center. we are getting a handful of accidents coming in. and on and off ramps. take it slow this morning. and i will show you a map of mass transit. everything is right on time. if you want to avoid the freeway delays. use mass transit. no delays for bart. 40-plus delays. and caltrans and ferries look good. this is the san mateo bridge. very windy and wet. wind advisory in effect for
5:47 am
this morning. and 14 minutes to go between 80 and 101. the wind advisory continues for the bay bridge toll plaza and check this out. we're starting to see a bit of a backup in the cash lanes and an okay ride off the east shore freeway, and to the bay bridge, 20 minutes once you hit the bay bridge toll plaza. and very windy on the richmond san rafael. very windy across the span. no delays out of marin county along 101 into san francisco. and also some flooding reported south 680, as you connect over to 580. and also if you work your way westbound 580, at redwood, would he have reports of an accident, over to the right shoulder. and other trouble spots. westbound highway 4. slow and go. eastbound dealing with flooding, somberville, northbound 101, an accident reported. there and flooding reported northbound 280 at geneva avenue. mostly affecting the off-ramps. slick surfaces this morning. when you get in the car, check in with the radio partners kcbs 740 and 106.9 f.m. that's your time saver traffic. back to you.
5:48 am
5:47 on monday. congress woman gabrielle giffords will be in tucson to finish a meet and greet interrupted by gunfire last year. and the announcement came as she revealed plans to resign from congress. >> i have more work to do on my recovery. so to do what is best for arizona, i will step down this week. >> giffords is on the move though, tonight, and expected to attend the president's state of the union address. she will be there tomorrow for that. the arizona governor will set a special election to fill out the rest of giffords term. sparks are flying as the g.o.p. presidential hopefuls campaign off to florida now and mitt romney lost to newt gingrich over the weekend by 14 percentage points. in south carolina's primary on saturday. and so florida's primary shaping up as a pivotal contest. it is the biggest state so far. the most delegates. and romney trying to remind the voters about the ethics charges
5:49 am
gingrich faced when he was speaker of the house. >> he had to resign in disgrace. i don't know whether you knew that. he actually resigned after four years in disgrace. >> gingrich says his experience in washington makes him a much better candidate saying he understands how the government works and a debate between the four remaining candidates starts tonight. and the winner in florida next tuesday will get 50 delegates. in the meantime president obama will be hanging out in a chat room answering questions about his state of the union address. the 45-minute chat will happen next monday. capping off a week of different social media engagements all planned around the president's state of the union speech and questions for the president can be submitted through youtube. and you can watch the state of the union address tomorrow, at 6:00 p.m., right here on cbs 5. and it will be followed by a special edition of eyewitness news at 7:30. and will is a major shakeup for the company that makes blackberry smart phones.
5:50 am
research in motion announced the top two executives are stepping down. these changes at the top come as rim faces declining sales and delays in releasing the new phones. 5:49 now. passengers shaken up on an american airline flight. the wild turbulence that injured several crew members. also ahead. >> i was in such hard labor, i was like are you kidding me? >> they made it to the hospital. but the baby wouldn't wait. how an elevator turned into a pregnant woman's delivery room. we will find out what the dad did. >> hello, dad? ,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back. 5:53. several flight attendants are recovering after a rough flight over the atlantic ocean. six crew members on an american airline flight from brazil to miami were injured during what some are describing as severe turbulence. the plane apparently hit some sort of air pocket causing a sudden steep drop in altitude. >> the two flight tenants are back there. one of them got thrown up in the air and he landed in the hallway. >> and some of the crew members had to be taken to the hospital. others were treated on the scene. aren't you glad you flew back yesterday? >> no kidding. in italy, fishes promised to keep searching until everyone is accounted for from the cruise ship accident off
5:54 am
the italian coast. divers found the 13th known victim yesterday. a woman who was wearing a life jacket by the way. and italian officials are expected to decide whether to search for those still missing can continue. while they pump fuel from that ship. there is word, too, that the captain was told by the cruise line to sale close to the -- sail close to the island to be seen and get publicity for the cruise line ship. and a suit against the company is expected to be filed in florida sometime this week. and we've got a unique view for you here on the risky mountain rescue down in southern california. an l.a. sheriff's helicopter team pulling a hiker to safety from a steep mountainside. and a health cam shows what rescuers saw as they plucked a 19-year-old woman from the edge. this is a 100-foot cliff, as that rescue worker tries to go over and get her. the rescue was a success by the way. nobody was injured. but kind of a scary scene down in l.a. and a happy ending in washington. after a pregnant woman got stuck in an elevator.
5:55 am
>> the two expectant parents managed to make it through the snow and ice to the hospital. on the way to the delivery room, nurses, noticed the problem with the elevator. so they decided to use a different one. so they managed to get the father out in time. and the mother was stuck inside. >> what? >> we got on the other elevator, went to the 14th floor expecting to see them shortly. and the doors didn't open. and they didn't open for about two hours. >> wow, that's scary. well, apparently we're reading reports that they're going to be nicknaming the son otis after the elevator because that's what the elevator was called and the father steps out and luckily a midwife and a couple of nurses were inside with the mother to help her deliver the baby. >> aren't ladies first? >> what are men always thinking? >> i'm a little outnumbered here. >> i don't know. >> i would be like locked at the hip with my wife trying to get her out of the elevator to the emergency room.
5:56 am
i would be saying i will get coffee, i will be right back, good luck to you. >> anyway, the important people were still in the elevator. >> that's right. >> she seemed so calm. i would be freaking out. i would be screaming at people. all right. should we talk weather? >> sure, that's your job. >> we are watching this eye on the storm. we got our ominous music playing right now because it is actually pretty ready to start you out with the morning commute and we will have high def doppler lots of green out there all over the bay area and another system that looks like it is moving into san francisco here in the next 15 minutes or so. and it will be a wet and windy morning commute. a wind alert still in effect for the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains and the coast should be wrapping up shortly. wind advisories and then the seven-day forecast, drying out this afternoon. and staying dry. through the end of the workweek. >> not looking so good. the wind advisory in effect. >> you can see a backup already at the bay bridge toll plaza
5:57 am
and i'm just getting word of a jackknifed big bridge around 80 westbound near red top road and no words on how serious the accident is. we will continue to keep you updated. and lots of quick services, dealing with a lot of accidents on the on and off ramps. >> and in the next half hour, winter weather hitting northern california. we will check in on the snowy conditions. it is coming down. >> about time. a birthday party turns into a crime scene out of the east bay. it is a warning that neighbors got hours before the shooting. at yesterday's game, a lot of action on the field and in the stands. coming up we will tell you about one arrest that involved pepper spray. and it is a wet windy start to your monday morning commute. we will show you the conditions from the bay bridge.
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